Maxwell Marteau Takes It To The Next Level
We really never thought we'd see this day. When Maxwell Marteau first came to us about doing a solo video a year ago, he'd never even met anyone gay before. He was even skittish about having a guy hug him, so suggesting the idea of having a guy suck his dick was right out of the question. That was a full year and four solo videos ago. In that time he's talked with us a lot, he's met many of our gay models and he's really adjusted to our way of thinking. Months ago we started planting the seed of the idea that gay guys give the best blow jobs. Then we invited Maxwell to be friends with some of our other Videoboys models on Facebook. Then, when he came to us a few weeks ago asking for another scene the stage was set for making the unthinkable thinkable. We told him that we had enough solos with him, and that it was time for him to take it to the next level. So he talked it over with his girlfriend and she agreed to let him try out a blow job from a guy. Next they went through the list of potential blow job partners and, together, Maxwell and his GF picked Benjamin London as the best candidate to expand Maxwell's sexual horizons. For homework Maxwell watched Benjamin's other videos to know what to expect and we were impressed that he was willing to admit that watching Benjamin get fucked by Max Dawson actually gave him a hard-on. The day of the scene, Maxwell was still a bit freaked out by the whole situation, but Benjamin, being an old hand at dealing with straight boys, was able to put him at ease from the minute they met. And then when it came time for some actual physical contact, Maxwell had lost all hesitation. He wanted that blow job, dammit! But since no one has ever been able to make Maxwell cum from a mere blow job, the big challenge for Benjamin was to see if he could show Maxwell how great a blow job could be. We'll let you be the judge as to whether Benjamin met that challenge.


Damien Gunn's New Weapon
Watching eighteen year old pretty boy Damien Gunn even for just a short time you can clearly see the direction social life is going with the digital generation. Damien has had a "smart phone" since very early in his teens and it's really at the very heart of his entire social life. In ancient times, parents would complain about their kids watching too much TV but Damien barely glances at TV during a day. The phone has his rapt attention most of his waking hours. He uses it to keep in touch with his family and friends, to meet new friends and of course to cruise for sex. He has all the important social medias, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Hornet, Grindr and some more we don't even know about. If you happen to be lucky enough to have access to Damien's social media, you would be treated to all kinds of his iPhone photography from playful pics of his dog to sexy underwear selfies in the bathroom mirror. Damien has a highly developed sense of style and he's always taking pictures of himself in his latest fashion creation. But the best treat, assuming you can't be with Damien in person, is when he gives a lucky sexting buddy a sexy video show on via his phone or his laptop. With so much practice, Damien is a master of seducing the camera. The sultry looks and the teasing reveal of skin is a tantalizing start. But when he gets down to business the show gets pretty explicit. He recreated one of his sexting sessions for us here.


Shawn Beliveau & Jason Martin - Uptown Cums Downtown
When it comes to fuck buddies, Jason Martin has varied tastes. Usually he's after the preppy, boy-next-door. You know the type: fashionably dressed, majoring in something highly cerebral at college and whose idea of being bad is taking a puff of a cigarette once in awhile. But once in a while, every so often, Jason just wants that raw adrenaline rush that comes from fucking with a real bad boy. You know the type: blue collar job, jailhouse tattoos, lacking in the social graces, scarred knuckles and just bursting with a certain animalistic sex appeal. And Shawn Beliveau fit perfectly into Jason's little bad boy fantasy. Shawn was a star hockey player until he was sidelined by an injury a few years ago. But he still has that powerful skaters ass and legs. Now he's works in construction by day and on his weekends he goes to the clubs and finds trouble. "What kind of trouble?" we once asked him and assured us that we didn't want to know. It's always exciting to watch a tough guy like Shawn gently kissing a boy or licking up and down his cock. But that's just a side show. The main attraction is when he starts fucking. And Jason is ready to take everything this construction worker has to give him. Though Jason is taller than Shawn, Shawn's strength and dominating personality were a good match for Jason who really just wanted a good fucking. The mood is more animalistic than romantic in this duo, and that's just what the doctor ordered. Jason was so excited his orgasm came without warning and the cum almost put out his eye.



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