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We join our two twinks mid-tickle/wrestling match as Cole Claire tosses around boy toy Leo Frost who apparently has several sensitive, sexy spots that Cole keeps hitting, causing the kid to squeal with delicious delight. Dirty blond boy Frost is calmed after the tickle fight and his hunger kicks in as he tells Claire all his dirty desires. The kid begs, whimpering, "I want dick." Cole is more than happy to deliver, but keeps the anticipation and excitement throbbing by saying, "show me how much you want it." Little, tight bodied Leo whips off Cole's clothes and is downing his thick dick like it is fucking happy hour! Cole's got his "Master hat" on today. He reaches under Frost's red underwear clad caboose and smacks the boy's beautiful booty, leaving a matching red hand print before softening the "hand brand" with a soothing tongue to the tight tush's succulent center. Cole plants a kiss on Frost's "fuck me boy face" while he's on all fours before driving his big, bareback boner down to it's thick trunk like, big balled base. Cole's SUPER hot top tendencies are on FULL, fuck me display right here! His perfectly round bubble butt bangs that rock hard bone of his deep into Frost's uber smooth, fuckable fanny. Cole's sexy, skater boy hair dangles in his pretty face as he delivers raw dick hard and with perfectly aimed prostate precision. Cock sure Claire sneaks around the kid's amazing ass, fucking the boy with his fat fingers between boner bangs as he maps out his massive member's raunchy rout to Leo's pleasure place before driving that throbbing dick back inside. Frost is completely lost in lust once Cole crams that cock back inside. He jacks his jock till it spits like a ball player before swinging for the fences. Cole holds steady, pressed all the way in until Leo's done delivering every delicious drop of liquid dick he's got. Then, at just the right time, Claire whips his hog out of the twink's tight little hole. Cole's cock looks gigantic as it pulses next to the taut twink, throbbing massively and big as we've ever seen. He soaks the sexy teen twink with pure, sticky, porn perfection. THE money shot..... after shot..... after shot.....after shot. Ahhhhhhh......


Raunchy Romance
It's date day for fantasy couple Max Carter and newcomer Travis Berkley who act playful while looking pretty during their romantic rendezvous by the bay where they enjoy ice cream and one another. After a romantic kiss by the water we join the couple in their cozy cabin on a bayside cruise where the romance gets a bit raunchy! Carter seems to take the reins, stripping the ravishing red head while kissing every inch of his alabaster skin before making his way down to Berkley's boner and engulfing every thick inch of delicious dick the boy's got to offer. Max eye fucks Travis intensely as he eats cock before face fucking the kid just as intense with his own hard cock! Carter tosses Travis back on the bed with his butt in the air then tosses salad like a sous chef. He smacks Berkley's beautifully smooth, lily white butt as he eats ass like a fiend. He uses his fingers and full open hands to spread the boy open and enter his tight, hungry hole. Max teases Travis's tush, slapping his bareback bone on the boy's caboose before slamming his schlong inside and smacking our newbie's cheeks till their cherry red. He likes to let Berkley know who's the boss of this booty. Carter cracks the kid on the ass and says, "I'll let you ride me." Travis is more than happy to be bossed around on this bad boy's boner since he's experiencing ecstasy at every angle. Carter then orders Travis onto his knees while continuing to spank his sex hungry cock whore who reaches back to spread his pretty pink cheeks so Max can muscle his throbbing member in even deeper. Berkley's boner is about to burst, he reaches for his rod and lets Carter know the floodgates are about to open. He cums all over the cabin's crimson colored sheets which now match the hand print Max has left on his beautiful behind. Carter starts pumping harder, he pulls out only to cream the kid's well worked hole then push the fruit of his lusty labor back inside Berkley's butt for the perfect, deliciously drippy cream pie finale. The sweaty couple end in a passionate, cum covered embrace.


Photoshoot Bareback
Porn legend Ashton Summers is paired with one of our freshest new twinks, Travis Berkley for a double gorgeous photo shoot. After some horsing around and heavy duty flirting the poses lead to kisses, undressing and- HALLELUJAH- cock sucking! The photographer is still in the room snapping away, upping the pervy, voyeuristic kinky quality to the whole sexy scenario. He sees the sparks starting to fly and suggests the boys move from the studio to the bedroom where Berkley REALLY puts a beating down on Ashton's dick! He slaps his tongue with the latin long board as Summers pulls the twink's pretty mouth down to the base of his mammoth member. Ashton knows a fresh faced piece of untarnished twink ass when he sees it and pushes the boy onto his belly to get at that cherry hole. He invades ass like a pro, spreading the smooth, young surface and sucking hole while cracking out a few spankings before sneaking in his big bareback boner. Berkley doesn't mind one bit, in fact he's in hung latin lover heaven bent over and taking every inch like a bitch. Summers smooth muscled body flexes as he machine fucks the peaches and cream pretty boy before offering a raw ride on his famous phallus. Berkley hops on and rides the raging hard rod like it's a bucking bronco. Ashton orders his twink onto his back and puts some torque into his titanium torpedo, banging Berkley with no mercy. Between hot, wet kisses and getting plowed like snow, Travis manages to beg Summers to slam him harder. Ashton ups the already rocket fueled ramming and Berkley busts all over his creamy cumplexion. Summers watches with wide eyed wonder as the kid cums, then he serves up his own big batch deep inside Berkley's twitchingly tight, beautiful booty.



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