Truth or dare...or double-dare? From the moment we meet these wild hunks, we know they're up to something crazy! Where will these guys take you? Stripping naked in a warehouse...on the subway...or the airplane bathroom? You won't believe how far two buddies will push each other in the fire stairwell at work! Imagine the wildest dare, and these guys will do it for fifty bucks! In bars, parking lots, alleyways...with dildos, Fleshjacks, vegetables...into paint buckets, urinals, their own mouths... No matter how dangerous, naughty or dirty the dare, these guys have got the balls...and cocks...to do it!


Sit On My Cock!
Hans' hard dick flops up and down and in circles as he goes to town riding Chubbs. Hans is happy to be filled up with such a nice thick dick and likewise, Chubbs is happy to have such a tight little hole. It's all Hans can take and as he rides up and down on Chubbs, he lets his load go!

Poolside Cum Buddies
We found Zack Randall out by the pool one day cruising for some cock. As he walks out of his bungalow, the first person he sees is little twink, Isaac Yale, cooling off with his feet in the water. Zack calmly walks out, throws his big blue eyes in the direction of Isaac, dips his feet and continues on towards his mark. Isaac is fully aware that Zack is there and on the prowl. The thought of Zack Randall whipping out his dick makes Isaac's swimming suit stretch a little more as his cock stirs in its cradle. Zack and Isaac lay back down on the couch, ready to assume the cum sucking position. They 69 a bit more, getting each other ready to burst. They take control of their own cocks and beat off as they watch each other. Zack leaks a huge amount of precum. It pools up on his stomach and he scoops it up to use it as lube. At the sight of the precum, Isaac lets loose and shoots his load all over. Zack is a cumsucker and can't get enough jizz in his mouth and stomach. He slurps every last drop he can get out of Isaac's dick and anything that went past his mouth he finds and licks up. The taste of cum makes him ready to shoot his load and he stands up over the twink to do his thing, spurt after spurt after tasty spurt! Zack gets a little greedy and before Isaac can get anything, Zack eats his own cum too! They both got what they need and in the heat decide to jump in the pool to play in the water.


Suck My Dick!
It's a cold ass winter day out and Adam Moon and Taylor Lee come inside in their sweaters and scarves to warm up. It doesn't take long before they find out that that they can heat things up a lot quicker by removing their winter garb. They help each other out of their clothes and get right to making out. Adam is quick to his knees and before Taylor knows what hit him his cock is out in the open and getting sucked by Adam and his nice full service lips. Taylor breathes heavily as Adam works his magic from tip to base up and down Taylor's thick shaft. Taylor loves the job Adam is doing but needs a little taste of cock himself. They reverse positions and Taylor becomes the oral bottom. Adam face fucks Taylor gently, yet with purpose, as he grabs Taylor's head and guides it up and down his big cock. Both of these hotties need what they came in from the cold to do. Adam lays down on the floor and eager Taylor hops on and rides Adam's thick pole. Adam always needs a little bit more control than lying there getting serviced so they flip over and Taylor lets his top take charge. They fuck hard doggie style while Adam pounds a steady beat inside Taylor's tight asshole. Consistency is Adam's mantra and his fucking rhythms could be set by a clock. His hard cock glides in and out with ease as Taylor makes tiny sounds of pleasure. Adam announces that he's ready to cum and instructs Taylor to turn around and take it. Taylor gets on his back and Adam busts a nut on his face. His cum is white and thick and he gets a nice big burst right up Taylor's nose! Taylor doesn't waste a minute and with cum running down his face and rolling further up his nose, he drops his own big load all over his stomach. With both bursts of jizz pooling up on Taylor's torso and face, Adam bends over to kiss him, getting some of his own cum in his mouth as they kiss!



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